Talking the Truth…

No One is Exempt!

In fair warning, this is a frank blog. Not graphic, not obscene, but frank. Let’s face it, nobody wants to hear about bowel movements (outside, perhaps, new parents and dog owners). We don’t usually dwell on ours (at least I didn’t before UC) and discussing it openly and candidly is a social faux-pas. Except here. Here, there are no fairies or angels to take away our feces overnight, and a scene from one of our trips to the bathroom resembles something out of World War Z rather than that cute children’s book pictured above, Everyone Poops! So faint of heart, stop reading now, because this gal is going to tell it like it is. And guess what? Everyone does poop, so let’s dispense with the awkward embarrassment. As refined, evolved and cultivated as we’d like to think we are, we’re animals. What goes in must come out, and some of us find ourselves in Hell before we find relief. It’s nature, it’s natural, and it’s getting discussed.