Tried and Tested – Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

One of the first things I was told to do was go gluten-free. I’d always had a “sensitivity” to wheat products like bread and pasta, but would always eat them and just tolerate a little bloat. When my trouble started, my guts were having none of it. I didn’t know a thing about gluten-free eating, but I quickly learned, and then got myself knowledgeable on how not to sacrifice taste for health and well-being. I’ve been through a lot of trial-and-error, and I am sure there are still great products out there yet to be discovered, but in 10+ weeks, here are my recommendations for the most authentic-tasting baking mixes at hand:

Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Baking Mix:

As good as your grandma’s!

I found Pamela’s mixes at both Whole Foods and Stop n’ Shop, and I believe you can buy online as well. I just purchased her Chocolate Brownie Mix and can’t wait to try it. These cookies, though oddly dark in dough form, did not disappoint and had nowhere near the chemically, cardboard taste of, say, what Betty Crocker is trying to pass off as edible.

XO Baking Co. Bread mixes:

Authentic-tasting banana and pumpkin breads, plus more!

I like my banana and pumpkin breads on Sunday morning with my eggs and bacon, but suddenly gluten-free meant ditching half me and my husband’s weekend brunch ritual! I stumbled across this first at TJ Maxx, then found their web site and bought in bulk via It tastes better than the real thing, in my opinion, because you need 3-4 bananas and/or a real can of pumpkin for these breads (other fresh ingredients probably, too, for other products). My husband eats this right along with me (though he can eat as much gluten as he’d like). That tells you something!

Sticky Fingers Bakeries Gluten-Free Scone Mixes:

Got scones? They do, and best of all, they’re FAST!

I wasn’t much of a scone fan until I met my friends from Scotland, and they turned me onto these hidden gems about a year prior to gluten shut-down. I’ve tried Sticky Fingers’ blueberry and apple and oat scones, and while not as heavy and rich as the real deal (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you) they satisfy. Best of all, no cardboard taste, they compliment butters, jams and creams just as perfectly, and they are quick to whip up and bake. We had a friend over the other weekend and even she thought they were delicious! (They were the first gluten-free treat she’d ever had). I’ve only found them at TJ Maxx and then purchased online in bulk via, so keep your eyes open. I hope they offer more varieties soon!