What To Wear – Extreme/Emergency Options…

Catastrophic overnight bloat anyone? Quick fixes? Probably common sense, but ladies and gents both–belts. Easily added (provided you have belt loops, which as we ladies know is not always the case) and easily removed. Also, perhaps more attainable for the ladies, belly bands. This requires some pre-planning of course, but if you’ve already had the I-just-ate-Thanksgiving-dinner-yet-haven’t-eaten-in-8-hours morning horror, perhaps you’re ready to do a little shopping. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I envy you). If your shirt is long enough and fitted enough, maybe you can simply undo the top button and use your top to hold your pants up. If not, here are two options. The first is less dramatic. Designed by Miss Oops to keep your whale tale from showing in your low-riders, and/or to smooth a muffin top, these around-the-waist “shirt extenders” can likely double-duty as leave-your-pants-unbuttoned saviors:

I just purchased one in black from Beauty.com and will give it a go!

Or two, take a cue from first-trimester gals struggling with a stomach that’s pretty much what ours turns into (granted, less of a miracle and more Alien-style). This hefty option is the “Tummy Sleeve” from Motherhood Maternity:

Extreme? Perhaps. But there WILL be that one extreme day that brings you to your knees. At least initially.
Littler, lacy, cute and functional.

Doesn’t have to be so big and “pregnant”-looking either. This “BellaBand” from Ingrid & Isabel is thinner and has a bit of lace. Save it for a rainy day, for your future pregnant self/sister/friend, or donate once your guts are wrangled back under control. It’s currently retailing for $28, a good investment for some peace of mind.

Also (again, geared more for the ladies) pick up some maternity pants. I did this after hernia surgery a few years ago, knowing I’d be back at work in business attire with sore and swollen abs. These days they don’t cost much more than regular pants, and the low-waistband/first-trimester options pass as normal clothes. Heck, I even have a friend who puts on maternity pants just to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, demi-panel from Gap Maternity:

I’d probably wear these ever after. They look great.