What To Wear When Your Guts Are Wearing You…

Comfy black pants are a staple!

Comfy black pants are a staple!

This should probably be titled “Part 1” because this won’t be the last time this subject is discussed. As I soon learned, UC comes with its own wardrobe challenges. Where to begin? Well let’s see – probably the obvious (at least for those of us with bleeding issues). The color black. (Also substitute dark charcoal gray and navy, perhaps even one of Fall’s hottest trends – oxblood). HA! Black is the new red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink/outfit!

Or how about stretchy pants? (Technically, leggings). Perhaps first we should touch on the subject of bloat. Bloat comes in and out like the tide, and sometimes it rises just as fast and full. Overnight your size-whatever pants become something you couldn’t possibly have worn the day before, because they won’t even button 12 hours later! But then mysteriously by lunchtime your “fat” pants have dropped down around your hips and are swimming around your ankles. Um…? Too bad we can’t yell “Cut!” and call for costume and wardrobe to the rescue.

Thankfully leggings and Ponte knit and a host of easy-around-the-middle styles and fabrics are still very chic. Guys, you likely don’t have the benefit of wearing such things (or wearing them to work, anyway, depending upon your industry) however all is not lost. Though you might not want to own a pair for every day of the week, check into activity-friendly business-casual styles like Dickies. They make “comfort waist” pants with built-in elastic stretch tabs. AND, they come in black. Brilliant!