My Crack – Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

These are gluten-free, and all my docs keep telling me sweet potatoes are easy on the digestive system! How can I go wrong?

I’m officially addicted. There’s not much I can eat these days, and the menu dwindles weekly (if not daily – goodbye, home-made pesto). Thanks to the drugs, I don’t generally have much of an appetite…except when it comes to these things. I have one and I can’t stop. I’m pretty certain these chips are the only reason I’ve lost just 8 or so pounds, and not 15-20 by now. Oh, and the salt helps us anemics, another bonus. I’m not the only one addicted in this household, either. My husband gobbles by the handful, and my two Frenchies beg for their turn. (Sweet potatoes are also great for dogs so of course they each get one)! Buy a bag, you’ll become a convert.