Keeping (Rediscovering?) Your Sense of Humor

“Turns out, people with uncontrollable bowel disease need a laugh as much as they need a toilet.”
-Comedian Ben Morrison

There are many days when there is nothing funny about IBD. Maybe you look back on an incident a week or two later and are capable of a smile, maybe not. Personally, in the beginning I found a lot to cry and complain about. Now tears are fewer and fewer and dark humor surges when I least expect it. I find almost everything wickedly amusing, and the dirtier the better. Maybe I’ve just finally cracked, maybe it’s the mood-altering steroids, who knows. What I do know is, we’re not alone, and there are some funny IBD sufferers out there in the world, like the talent whose comedy page I featured above, Ben Morrison. Right now his material is doubling me over–in a good way. I strongly encourage you to check him out if you aren’t already familiar. Now, he has Crohn’s and I have Ulcerative Colitis, but there’s enough overlap–and we’re all under the same IBD umbrella anyway–that it’s splitting hairs to mention our guts are branded with different “labels.” He’s a bloody mess, I’m a bloody mess, and he makes me laugh about it.

Whatever you’re suffering from, however you’re coping, make sure you work some dark and dirty humor into it. Tough that some of your more “delicate” friends and family might wrinkle their nose at the YouTube videos you send them, or the jokes you crack. (I freely encourage bad jokes, any humor is fine during dire times like these). Right now you need friends who can stomach the truth (example of a bad UC pun!) not friends who make you feel badly over something you can’t control. Jettison the negativity, be it your own mental outlook or toxic acquaintances, and focus on the positive. Yes, you’ve been dealt a shitty hand (I won’t keep this up, I promise) and yes, your life sucks ass (I swear, last one). But as someone actually said to me–look on the bright side, it’s not terminal and you’re not dying! (So come on drama-queen, find a way to cheer up already, huh?)

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