My 1st Acupuncture Experience


So in follow-up to my earlier acupuncture post, I had my actual appointment today. (This was after the first place I’d wanted to go “lost” their acupuncturist, and I needed to look around for another reputable site.) The minor delay was totally worth it. I walked in not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind. I walked out with my mind blown, in the best, most relaxed calm of my entire life. This “peace” makes all the relaxation I’ve felt with various massages feel negligible in comparison. The needle insertion was slightly uncomfortable – while certain needles went in entirely without me feeling a thing, some did “pinch” a little, or were accompanied by odd sensations. She warned me about each one if they were going to feel a little weird, and the sensation passed almost immediately. (And at no time was it like receiving a shot at the doctor’s office, or giving blood. Those actually hurt, this does not.)

She also cautioned that a “heavy” feeling, or minor “dull aches” and sensations along those lines were entirely normal while lying there. I relaxed for about an hour, during which time I was transformed. I experienced a highly meditative state, and also a lot of strange, fascinating sensations, particularly in my lower abdomen. At times it felt excessively warm, at other times I felt dull cramps – things I either haven’t felt at all or haven’t felt in quite awhile, thanks to the Remicade. I also experienced bizarre muscle twitches and sensations in other parts of my body, which is also apparently very normal, as acupuncture treats the whole body, not just whatever you’re trying to address.

When she removed the needles my limbs felt like jelly, and I felt like I’d just come off a two-week vacation on some tropical island paradise. It was an incredible 180 from the way I’d walked in. Throughout the rest of today I’ve had some unusual cramping, but I was also warned that a return of symptoms is normal, and actually indicates the process is working. And, even though I went in to begin “curing” my Ulcerative Colitis, other ailments would inadvertently be “cured” as well, such as any muscle pains I might be experiencing, anxiety, fatigue, et cetera. Typically patients report easier digestion and longer, deeper sleep following a session. Fingers crossed that’s the case, and that this finally gets a handle on my IBD so I can get off the mouse poison!

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  1. Oh that’s great you went and did it! It sounds amazing! Do people without chronic illnesses use acupuncture much? Looking forward to hearing more about it!

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