Road Trips…

UC + Road Trips = Bad Scene


Nothing earth-shattering this week (not that there ever is) but just wanted to share the above pic, courtesy of Leonard Talbot via The Glitch Mob’s Facebook page. If a picture is worth a thousand words than that’s all I need to say about taking a 9-hour drive while still in some incalculable remission phase with ulcerative colitis. I will add, however, that it’s not quite what you think – while yes, there’s always the restroom-whereabouts anxiety, just sitting for hours on end, involuntarily clenching your abs while the vehicle brakes, accelerates, swerves, et cetera, as well as the inevitable stress of idiot drivers out to kill you, will do a cumulative number on your tummy. Furthermore, when you bookend helping your mother-in-law move out of her duplex with a 9-hour drive the day before AND the day after the move day, it really sucks. Top that off with meager food options (i.e., going without lunch two days in a row and snacking on gluten-free Kind bars for energy) and you have a thing called involuntary weight loss. Passenger (and well-intentioned mover) be warned.