A Little Piece of (Healthy) Heaven – KIND Bars

Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

A friend gave me a gluten-free power bar to try, but alas, it contained xanthan gum, a natural laxative and bad news for anyone with IBD. By accident I discovered that not only are Kind bars gluten-free and low sugar, they do not contain xantham gum! Fiber is high, protein is decent, and for 200 calories you could do a lot worse. (Especially because they make a dark chocolate and sea salt bar, and that stuff is my Kryptonite.) Even better? Kind makes granola that’s also low-sugar, gluten and xanthan-gum free, perfect for topping full-fat (and consequently lower-lactose) Greek yogurt. Add some fresh berries and YUM! For the first time in months, my diet feels unrestricted. Now that’s kind.