Red Wine (Yes, Wine) Kills Cancer Cells

Cab Franc, you're my hero.

Cab Franc, you’re my hero.

Raise your glass and rejoice! Red wine–and yes, actually wine this time, not just its properties, like resveratrol–kills cancer cells! In the article from Wine Spectator, “Wine Kills Lung Cancer Cells in Lab Tests,” Canadian researchers discovered that “red wine possesses anti-cancer properties.” For the test, “the team decided to measure red and white wines’ impact on non small-cell carcinoma lung cancer cells. They exposed samples of lung cancer cells to Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Riesling . . .They found that both red and white wines halted the spread of lung cancer, but the reds were more effective. Red wine effectively stopped the spread of cancer cells, when compared to the control group, at 2 percent concentration. For white wine, similar results didn’t happen until 5 percent.” The article goes on to say that the “next step is to use doses of wine that correspond to moderate wine consumption in humans, one to two glasses per day, and examine the effect on tumor growth in mice. . .if we see a significant reduction in tumor growth with wine then we will have strong evidence that will justify the need of a clinical trial, a study in cancer patients.” Read more here. So the next time someone tells you that all that hype about red wine is nonsense, refer them back to this article and tell them to show a little respect.


Why I Refuse to Give Up Red Wine (even with IBD)…

Wine, it's called "the nectar of the gods" for a reason!

Wine, it’s called “the nectar of the gods” for a reason!

Happy New Year! I’ve never been big into New Year’s resolutions, which is to say, I make and break and re-make resolutions throughout the whole year. But one resolution I won’t be making any time soon, even whilst struggling to get a handle on this pesky ulcerative colitis, is giving up my red wine. And here’s why: “RADIATION PROTECTION: BROCCOLI AND RED WINE MAY INCREASE SURVIVAL FROM EXPOSURE.”

We IBDers are at increased risk of colon cancer, as we are all probably highly aware by now. And of course, we’re all exposed to many other potential carcinogens on a daily basis. Or, if you’re like me, you already glow in the dark because you’ve had so many x-rays. So sure, steam your broccoli. However, if you can stomach it, pour yourself a nice robust glass of red too. Continue reading