No Longer A Worthless Piece of S–t!

Suddenly your poop's looking a lot better.

Suddenly your poop’s looking a lot better.

For years you’ve been flushing money down the toilet, all because you were taught that’s what you were supposed to do after you pooped. Well, turns out you were misled. Instead of waving it good-bye, you could’ve sold what you made and funded your college education. New from IFLScience! – You Can Sell Your Poop For $13k Per Year And Help Science!

According to the article, “the non-profit company OpenBiome is actually paying for stool samples in order to create lifesaving fecal transplant treatments for those infected with Clostridium difficile, a bacteria which is highly resistant to antibiotics.” Click on the link for the juicy details, including how much you could make for doing what comes naturally.

During the course of my treatment for Ulcerative Colitis, I was both tested for C. difficile, and informed about fecal transplants as a treatment option…if all else failed. Thankfully I’m not at that point. Yet. So while OpenBiome might not be interested in my unicorn poop, do spread the word. Your chocolate treasure might be worth its weight in gold.


What To Get That Hard-To-Buy-For IBD Sufferer

A humorous IBD t-shirt probably isn't at the top of their list.

A humorous IBD t-shirt probably isn’t at the top of their list.

I’m sitting here finishing my coffee (yep that’s right – though I cut back I never gave it up entirely) and perusing the Black Friday specials…which actually aren’t all that special. Williams Sonoma went so “crazy” that they’re offering – wait for it – FREE SHIPPING! Also their peppermint bark is on sale. (Don’t go breaking your index finger clicking to their site, okay?) Banana Republic keeps offering 40% off full-priced purchases even though that’s all they’ve been offering for 8 days and they offer it every Wednesday anyway.

Needless to say, I’m bored, and my credit card isn’t coming out of my wallet any time soon. So I started clicking around the non-retail segment of the web and here’s something novel: a fresh post on regarding the Top 10 Most Popular Ulcerative Colitis Gift Ideas. Continue reading

Something Else To Be Grateful For…

“100% Splinter Free.” That’s certainly a feature worth advertising!

Google is great for helping you dredge up reasons to be thankful when you’re drawing a blank. Apparently in 1935 Quilted Northern first advertised the “splinter-free” benefit of their toilet paper. Imagine having colitis before toilet paper manufacturers thought to QA their products for ass skewers?

Great Post on Traveling from “Evidence Based IBD”…

The blog “Evidence Based IBD” just posted a very timely article: IBD and Travel. In short summary and of note, even when in remission we IBD-prone types seem to have more difficulties during and after our vacations. Also pay attention to the bit on high-altitude and increased inflammation, which may include pressurized airline cabins! (And here we thought flying was preferable to a long car ride given the somewhat-easier access to facilities). We’re just plain screwed, there’s no other way around it.

It will hurt. All male GI docs have sausage fingers.

Rolling Out released a list of the Top 10 Dirty Jobs with Good Pay back in July 2013: Gasteroenterologist made the cut (and the top) among other notables such as plumber, oil rig worker and sewer inspector. Of course, according to the article you need at least nine years of school, and you’ll spend the rest of your life up to elbows in poop, but your average salary will be $300k, and your patients–once you get them into remission and on with their lives–will be more like adoring fans.

10 Dirty Jobs with Good Pay – GI Doc Makes the Cut!